Fleet Captain's Report


Update on the Fleet

We experienced some nasty weather again this month. After a miss by Florence, Michael brought some high winds to the area. Thankfully, the boats faired relatively well. Snags rode the storm out on one of the moorings; she dragged a bit but was otherwise unharmed. The boats on shore got tossed around some but appear to have suffered only cosmetically. I appreciate all of the help to prepare for and recover our fleet from the winds of Michael; thank you.

Wagtail has returned to the WRYC pier after an extended repair period at Severn Yachting Center. Initial repairs were completed a week or so ago; however, upon delivery back to the club, the jib halyard parted and sent the jib back down to the deck. Wagtail was returned to SYC. A rigger was consulted who recommended we change the angle of the halyard to the top of the forestay with a fairlead. This alteration was made last week, along with the halyard repair. Wags performed splendidly on her return to the club in a fresh breeze yesterday.

Snags is in working order, apart from the outboard, which continues to have problems. As of the writing of this article, the carburetor has been removed and will be rebuilt. Hopefully, by the time this article reaches you, Snags’ outboard will be operational again. As stated last month, we intend to keep the boats in the water, at the Club, and available for use into autumn. Please do not hesitate to give me a call or drop me a line if you are interested in taking the boats out. I will request an email be sent to the membership when the keelboats are back in service.

The Albacore Fleet is still active this autumn. Last weekend, four boats headed out on a mid-distance run out of the Ware River, down to the Severn River, back up toward the North River, and then back home to the Ware River. As often happens, we had more boats than crew. The Sunday Series is a great way to get introduced (or re-introduced) to dinghy sailing in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. If you are interested in sailing in the Sunday Series next season, contact Clayton James, Joe Morgan, or Jim Garrett. Hope to see you all out on the water soon!

Scott Titus
Fleet Captain


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